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Algebraic introduction to Slope
Bonnie N.
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Deshler High School
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Students will be able to...define and identify the slope of a line given 2 points, from a graph, and from an equation.

Grades 7 – 9
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1 Intro to Slope

Free, Paid
Free, Paid

Use EdPuzzle to use Intro to Slope from MashUpMath on YouTube to hook your students with rollercoaster slope information. 

Attach this in your LMS or Google Classroom, or watch as a class. 

I have also made students stand and have their arms out like airplane wings. Then they demonstrate each of the different types of slopes. You could do this as a Simon Says game. 

Student Instructions

Watch the video and answer the questions of Intro to Slope.

2 Guided Practice - Slope

Use a whiteboard app to provide digital white boards. You could also use good ol' dry erase boards and markers.

This could move to independent practice. 

Have each student attempt the problem. Then ask them to think-pair-share. Choose a student at random. They can use their answer or their partners to share with the whole class. 

Student Instructions

Guided independent practice at seats.