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Skip Counting with Coins

Students will learn how to skip count to find the value of a group of coins.
Lacey H.
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My Grades 2
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Students will be able to...

  • find the value of a group of coins by skip counting 
  • identify the value of each coin 
  • group coins from greatest to least 


Grades 2
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1 Introduction of Coins

The teacher will have a pre-created tellagami that will introduce the students to skip counting. The tellagami will start by reviewing the quarter, dime, nickel, and penny and the value of each coin. It will then go on to show students how to group coins from greatest to least and skip count to find the value of a given group of coins. The tellagami will include a few questions for the students to answer throughout the presentation.

2 Skip Counting with Coins

Activity: Exploring

The teacher will give the students coins to use as manipulatives. The teacher will tell the students what coins to put in front of them and then tell them to group them from greatest to lease and use skip counting to find the value of the group of coins. They will do this with about 3 different groups of coins and go over the answers whole group. The teacher will then give the students a few different amounts such as 45 cents, 93 cents, and 12 cents. The students will use whatever coins they can to equal those specific values. 

Student Instructions

Students will order coins from greatest to least and skip count to find the value. 

Students will match a given value with the appropriate coins. 

3 QR Codes and Educreations

Teacher will place QR codes throughout the classroom. The students will need to scan three QR codes to find different groups of coins. Then must write down the coins in each group and then skip count to find the value. After finding three groups, students will create an educreation that identifies their three groups and shows how to skip count the groups of coins to find the value. 

Student Instructions

Students will work in pairs to scan 3 QR codes and find 3 different values of coins. They will create an educreation that shows their three different groups of coins and how to skip count the groups to find the value. 

4 Conclusion

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will use rubric to assess the educreation that the students have completed. 

Student Instructions

Students will present their educrestion to the class with their partner. 

Students will write down one part of the presentation they really liked and one part that could be improved while watching each presentation.