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Sixth Grade Narrative Comic

Students will be able to create a narrative comic based on the personal narratives they have aleady written in class.
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Students will be able to illustrate the five elements of a plot using the web application Pixton. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the point of view of the narrator or speaker in a text. They must include dialogue, sensory details and build suspense. 

English Language Arts
Grades 6
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1 Introduction

I say:

1) Students, today we will be making the narrative we have written in class come to life. We will be creating a narrative comic.

2) The first thing we will be doing is using our paper comic to sketch out the scenes we want to include in our narrative comic.

3) Make sure that you include all elements of the plot, as well as the dialogue, sensory details, and suspense building. 


Student Instructions

1) Students will be using their final drafts of their narrative to help them with their comic draft.

2) Students will double check to see if they included all elements of the plot, dialogue, sensory details, and suspense building. 

2 Signing Up

Free to try, Paid

1. Using the Apple T.V., demonstrate to students how to sign-up for Kahoot.

2. Write the class code on the board.

3. Have students type in the class code into the sign-up page.

4. Have students write down their log-in information. 

Student Instructions

1. Students sign-in using the class code.

2. Students write down their log-in info on their technology sheets.

3. Students watch for next steps. 

3 Pixton Demonstration

Activity: Exploring

1. I will demonstrate the different features of Pixton, such as how to create new panels, what types of layouts there are, how to choose a background, and personalize characters. 

Student Instructions

1. Students explore the different options.

2. Students will create their backgrounds first.

3. Students will then choose their characters. 

4 Student's Individual Work

Activity: Creating

1. Teacher circulates the room. 

Student Instructions

1. Students work independently on their Pixton for the class period. 


5 Submission

Activity: Assessing

1. Teacher checks-in with students. 

Student Instructions

1. Students submit their comics by clicking "submit."

2. Have students write comments on each other's comics.