Lesson Plan

Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences

Students will differentiate between the three types of sentences and use them in their writing.
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Students will be able to...

  • identify simple, compound, and complex sentences.
  • comstruct simple, compound, and complex sentences.
  • effectively use mutiple types of sentences in a single piece of writing.
English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

Use this link to go to the "Sentence Type" video on the Shmoop website: http://www.shmoop.com/video/sentence-types.

Instruct students that they should write down one thing they learn about each of the following topics:

  • simple sentence
  • compound sentence
  • complex sentence

2 Direct Instruction

Prezi link: https://prezi.com/gp8xsbkxquhk/sentence-types/

As teacher uses the Prezi to instruct students on different types of sentences, students should complete notes in Notability on their iPads. They will have to import the notes from Google Drive into Notability. These notes will be submitted for a daily grade using Google classroom. Notes focus on these questions:

  • What are the four main types of sentences?
  • Describe the four main types of sentences. 
  • Give an example of each type of sentence. 

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will create a quiz in Plickers on simple, compound, and complex sentences. Teacher will show questions one-by-one as students answer with Plickers cards. After each question, teacher should discuss correct and incorrect answers. 

4 Independent Practice

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Teacher will instruct students to go into Google drive and create a document. Students will then write a three paragraph, 15 sentence "how to" essay. They must choose a task they want to describe in detail. In this essay, they must use all three types of sentences. When finished writing, they should highlight the simple sentences in blue, the compound sentences in yellow, and the complex sentences in orange. 

Teacher should show students an exemplar of what is expected in this essay.  

5 Wrap-Up/Formative Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Students will scan a QR code with their iPad that will lead them to a Google form. This form will assess their knowledge of types of sentences in order to guide instruction.