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Similar figures

Similar and congruent figures
Yan Ting L.
Classroom teacher
I.S. 187
Brooklyn, United States
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-Students will be able to understand the difference and similarities  of similar figures

-Students will be able to tell whether the figures are similar or not


Grades 7
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1 Hood

Activity: Other — Defining

Do Now:  Please define the follow words in your own words.



2 Exploring

1. Students are asked to go on to the website to see the colorful examples of congruent and similar figures.

2. Students will watch the "Similar Figures" on BrainPop

3. Students are going to play the online games about identify the similar figures and congruent figures.

3 Vocabularies

Activity: Other — Definition

Definition of Similar and Congurent

4 Independent practice

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Students is working on IXL indepdently.

5 Homework

TenMarks Math
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Assignment TenMarks homework