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Sight Words

Using Seesaw to record sight words
Shelley D.
Special education instructor
Mount Energy Elementary
Creedmoor, United States
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My Grades 2, 3
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to use the Seesaw digital portfolio app to record their voice while reciting unit sight words.  Teachers will be able to view recordings to track progress and growth throughout the year as needed.

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 3
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1 Hook

Teachers will use Seesaw to record a video showcasing the process of reciting sight words during recording process.  During this video the teacher introduces Seesaw as a classroom tool.  This process can be done as a group and then followed up individually once students are logged into Seesaw.

Student Instructions

Students will scan classroom QR code to join the class and then view the teacher's introduction video.

2 Guided Practice

The classroom teacher will walk students through the sign in process for seesaw.  Students will scan the classroom QR code that is posted in the room.  Teacher will instruct students to then individually watch the posted teacher video while others are getting signed in.  

Following the introductory video, the teacher will walk students through the process of selecting the video recording option from the tools for recording their own videos.  This process will conclude with guided practice on how to select students' names for submitting recording following the practice recording each student completes.

Student Instructions

Students will use the posted QR code to sign in and view teacher instructional video.  Students can then take note of their own names within the app and the folders associated with it.  

Students will follow along with teacher and individually record and submit a sample recording to become familiar with the app and submission process.  

3 Independent Practice

Teacher will have flash cards or selected word list available in the classroom for students to view/use as they read and record themselves reading each word.  This activity can be adjusted to reflect definitions, story re tell, predicting outcomes and so much more.  The oral recording can serve as documentation and/or assessment as needed or preferred.  

Student Instructions

Students will be instructed to complete their individual sight word recordings via Seesaw app and submit via Seesaw app.  Students will have an opportunity to listen to their individual recordings and also those of other classmates as allowed by teacher.  Students can comment, like and reflect on progress as well.