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Sight Word Fun

Students will be practicing their sight word skills
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Students will be able to identify sight words while playing grade-level appropriate games

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

The teacher will have the sight words students will be practicing written on the board (or typed on the Smartboard).

Students will play "Popcorn Words" at Level 1 either on tablets or computers

Student Instructions

You will practice writing  sight words in your "sight word" notebook.

You will play "Popcorn Words" on tablets or at computers.

2 Direct Instruction

The teacher will be sure to go over the dolch sight word list with the class using the YouTube videos.

Students will be using the dolch sight word list by following along as the word is being said. When a word is spoken, the student will trace the word using a red crayon.

Student Instructions

You can  follow along with the list of dolch sight words and play along with the games included in the YouTube videos.

As you listen to the video, every time you hear or see a sight word on the screen, you will trace over the same word on your dolch sight word worksheet using a red crayon.

3 Guided Instruction

To assess how well students know their dolch sight words, the teacher will have students complete a quiz on Quizlet.

The teacher will work through the quizlet as a whole group, if students understand it and complete it well, then the teacher can split the students into partners.

Student Instructions

To see how many sight words you know, we are going to  be playing a matching game on a website called Quizlet. Each of you will have a chance to complete a level to see if you know your words. When it isn't your turn, you need to thinking in your head of what the word is. If we do a good job with this, and if there's enough time left, you can play this with a partner.

4 Independent Practice

The teacher will model how to play the game and have students help the teacher play it.

The teacher will demonstrate how to play this game until all the students can play it effectively.

Students will be asked to practice their sight word skills by completing "Mystery Word Town" game.

The Dolch word sight list will be available for students to use while playing the game.

Student Instructions

First, you will participate in learning how to play the game.

Once you can play the game without needing any help, you can continue to play and practice the words! If you do well with this today, tomorrow you can do it with a partner!

If you get stuck, you are allowed to the Dolch Word sight list we used earlier.

5 Wrap Up

The teacher will wrap up the lesson by playing "Hangman" with the class.

The students will be split into two groups. They will race to try to guess which word is being given before the other team does, and without drawing their hangman!

This game can also be played without the computer, students can play at home with paper and pencil with their parents.

Student Instructions

To finish up with today's lesson on sight words, we will be playing a game called "Sight Words Hangman". This game is played just like how we play Hangman in Reading with our spelling words.

You will be split into two groups, so it'll be a race to get the word correct first.

Maybe if we do really good with playing game on our tablets, we can play it with just paper and pencil.