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Show Your Vocabulary

Use Skitch to create a visual explanation of vocabulary definitions, utilizing creative-commons pictures, student-created art, and text as needed.
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Students will be able to... teach other students academic vocabulary using student-friendly visuals and language. 

create a dynamic, appealing, and effective visual presentations. 

demonstrate understanding of academic vocabulary. 

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 4 – 12
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1 Hook

Teacher will use Skitch to create several examples of presentations of words kids are not familiar with, but with pictures that will catch their interest and make the words easy to understand.  Examples:  

2 Direct Instruction

 Select a vocabulary term from a previous lesson -- something the students are familiar with -- and walk the students through creating a skitch presentation of the word.  

- Use Skitch to browse the web and find creative-commons images that illustrate or relate to the concept of the vocabulary word and screenshot that image.  

- Demonstrate how to add text to a picture in Skitch, and how to use the other tools. 

- How to save and share the final image with the teacher via One Drive, Dropbox, Edmodo, email, etc. 

3 Guided Practice

Students will become familiar with the tools and options for Dictionary.com, how to navigate, and especially the pronunciation tool.   

Students will find the word of the day (or a word selected by the teacher).  Everyone working on the same word will allow students to figure out what qualities go into a good presentation.  

Guide students in translating the definition from "dictionary language" to more student friendly language.  

4 Independent Practice

Adhering to guidelines established by the teacher and class, students will create their own visual representation for the single term from guided practice.  Students need to utilize creative-commons pictures, student-created art, and text as needed. 

5 Wrap-Up

Google Drive
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Students will share their creation with the teacher and class via Edmodo, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive or whatever similar application is available to you in your classroom.  

Display the student work to the entire class and collaboratively critique their work to determine which presentations are the most effective.  What works? What doesn't work?  Through this students will establish their own criteria for a successful presentation and can independently create successful vocabulary presentations using Skitch in the future.