Lesson Plan

Short Vowel Word Study

Students will study short vowel sounds that are made dy different vowels. Students will also be exposed to the term "oddballs", and will discover some short vowel oddballs

Through the use of various technological classroom tools, students will be able to correctly identify the use of short vowel sounds of different vowels within short vowel poems.

Technology standards to be address:


English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Short Vowel Song (Activing Prior Knowledge,)

Remind students that we have been working on short vowel sounds within words. Review what the vowels are, and the sounds they make.
Play song over the projector so that all students can hear the song and see the video. Make sure the video is not too loud for students.


Student Instructions

Students sing along to song, as well as follow along with short-vowel movements previously learned in class.

2 Short Vowel Poem (We Do)

Teacher displays poem on SmartBoard. As a class, read through the first poem, underlining in orange vowels that are making the short vowel sound. Those that aren't not making that sound are circled are underlined in blue.

Teacher gives responsibility to students



Student Instructions

students read poems aloud. students take turns underlining and circling

3 Oddball Study (You Do)

Teacher hands Ipads out to students and remind them of use rules in the classroom. Monitor student tables as they work. 

Student Instructions

Each table of students receive an Ipad preloaded with the short vowel study app. Together, students read aloud presented words and determine which one is the oddball, and discuss why. One student then moves the card into the open box to test if they were correct.