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Short Vowel /Aa/

Comprehending and Applying the Short Vowel /Aa/ Sound in Words
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Students will be able to...

draw and write three single-syllable words that contain the /a/ sound. They will also create an alphabet block for "Aa" on their Alphabet Organizer.

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Hook

Teacher will display "The A Song" on the whiteboard using the projector and make sure that the volume is high enough for students to clearly hear.

Student Instructions

Students will actively listen to "The A Song" while singing along once the flow of the song is understood.

2 Direct/Guided Instruction

Activity: Other — Picture cards/photos that represent words that begin with the /Aa/ sound and another short vowel sound not yet introduced

Teacher will show a card with the letter "Aa".  Teacher will remind students that the letter "Aa" makes the /Aa/ sound.  Various photos will be presented and the teacher will model how to place a photo that represents the /Aa/ sound next to the "Aa" letter card.  Teacher will also demonstrate how to rule out a card that does not represent the /Aa/ sound.

Student Instructions

Students will each be given a picture/photo card and place them with the "Aa" letter card if it represents the /Aa/ sound.  Students who do not have a card that represents the /Aa/ sound will place them in a separate pile.

3 Independent Practice

Teacher will hand each student a laptop pad already loaded with the Starfall Website.  Teacher will explain that they are to click on the letter "A" and actively listen.  Teacher will explain to students that they need to click wherever they see sparkles or forward green arrows.  Teacher will hand the students paper and a pencil.

Student Instructions

Students will watch and listen to the "A" link on Starfall.  Students will follow the instructions on the website.  Students will write or draw three words that begin with the /Aa/ sound upon completion of the video.

4 Applying What We Know For Personal Future Use

Teacher will explain that we will use letters and sounds frequently in the classroom and in the real world.  Teacher will draw attention to our writing paper template and make a connection between the paper and the letter "Aa".  Teacher will say, "Now that you are an expert on the name and sound of "Aa", I'd like you to create your own Alphabet Organizer Chart that you can use when writing to remind yourself of the sound that "Aa" makes.  We will fill in the rest of the letters as we learn them."

Student Instructions

Students will create a letter block on a Alphabet Organizer on the Read/Write/Think website.  They will type in the letter "Aa" and choose a picture that they feel best represents that letter sound.  These will be printed and used in their writing folders.