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Short Story Discussion for Poison, Day 3

Using apps and discussion to pull out the important plot elements and themes within the short story, "Poison" by Roald Dahl -- continued from Day One's Lesson.
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Students will be able to...

--analyze and discuss their thoughts and opinions on the short story, "Poison" written by Roald Dahl
--use technology to enhance their understanding, support their ideas, and exchange opinions with peers
--come to conclusions on their learning on plot elements and themes within the story
--compare/contrast this short story and its elements to other stories previously read in the unit and in other courses

English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Hook/Opener

Instruct students to find adjectives in the dictionary to represent the different characters in the story. Each group gets a different character (two groups will have the same one). 

They should look for descriptive words that help "verbally illustrate" their character. Go for bigger words than just "bad" and "good".

Teacher will monitor group's use of app and ensure understanding of assignments.

Student Instructions

Using your group's one iPad, use the Dictionary app to look up and write down definitions of character traits of your assigned character. You may want to use a notebook to help you jot down the group's ideas first.

One person will use the iPad, one will jot down the group's ideas, one will write down the definitions of the words chosen by the group, and one will present the words to the rest of the class. Be prepared to tell us WHY these words represent your chosen character!

2 Guided Practice

Teacher will hand out the directions for the "Character to Life" assignment and go over the guidelines and answer any questions. 

While the students are working, the teacher will move around the room to be accessible for students for questions and troubleshooting problems.

The directions will remain on the SMART Board throughout class.

Student Instructions

Students will use one of three available apps/websites to create a profile for their chosen character. 

In TWO of the five posts you create, students must connect their character to another character from another short story in our short story unit. For example, you may connect Harry to General Zaroff; show this in a caption or picture or tweet to explain the connection (character trait, appearance, their outcome, etc.)

Students will be working alone. There are 15 iPads and 10 laptops signed out for class use. Students may also use their own phone as part of the BYOT program.

Students are familiar with the apps as our classroom utilizes each one for reminders for parents, previous assignments, and also from their own personal use.


3 Wrap-Up

Students will have the weekend to complete their assignment. Their assignment is due on Monday.

Use the Remind App and social media outlets to "remind" students their assignment is due Monday AND their presentations begin Monday, as well.

Student Instructions

The student will post their link of their chosen social media app profile to the classroom blog for the teacher to access and grade. They must post their link before or by the beginning of their class period. (This assignment represents the assessment part of the lesson).