Lesson Plan

Short Story Discussion for Poison, Day 2

Using apps and discussion to pull out the important plot elements and themes within the short story, "Poison" by Roald Dahl -- continued from Day One's Lesson.
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My Grades 9
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Students will be able to...

--analyze and discuss their thoughts and opinions on the short story, "Poison" written by Roald Dahl
--use technology to enhance their understanding, support their ideas, and exchange opinions with peers
--come to conclusions on their learning on plot elements and themes within the story
--compare/contrast this short story and its elements to other stories previously read in the unit and in other courses

English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Hook/Opener

Teacher will have the students present their Telegami's to their small groups as openers/refresher points from yesterday's lesson.

Student Instructions

Share your Telegami presentaiton with your small groups on the iPad. Determine the "strongest" one to show to other groups.

2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will use a Haiku Deck with class on the SMART Board from her iPad to refresh the class on the key points of the short story read yesterday. (Classroom Discussion)

Student Instructions

Students will help the teacher formulate/complete the Haiku Deck on the story elements from yesterday to create a "story board" for reference. 

Haiku Decks have been previously used earlier in another short story lesson; this helps students refresh their memory with the app. They will not need their iPads as the teacher will be using hers to project to the SMART Board in real time.

3 Group Activity

Free, Paid

The teacher will circulate throughout the small groups as students finish up their Popplet assignments. 

The teacher will continue to monitor throughout the groups in order to ensure ease of use of the app and to troubleshoot any questions or concerns.

Student Instructions

Students will continue and complete their Popplet assignments from yesterday. They will use their notes from the "Individual Activity" from yesterday's lesson to enhance their group's Popplet. Note: The same rule as yesterday applies. Students will have 2 iPads to use in their small groups.

4 Exit Ticket

Teacher will post the "Exit Ticket" Question to the VoiceThread board and students will be asked to reflect on the character in this story and post a quick, two-sentence response (video or audio, no text) as to who Dr. Timber most represents from previous short stories you have read.

Remind students that our VoiceThread link and "Top Tips for VT" are on the classroom website.

Student Instructions

If not completed in class, answer the exit ticket on your BYOT device: "Compare Dr. Timber to a character from another short story. Explain your reasoning in 2 sentences." (Exit ticket represents the assessment).

Students will be able to complete this using the in-class iPads OR they are permitted to complete the assignment as home on their iPhone, iPad, or laptop/desktop.

The students have used VoiceThread in class as an opener activity in class; they may use the "Top Tips for VT" as a refresher, if needed.

(This represents a small assessment that will be graded for completion according to the directions followed.)

5 Closure

Activity: Other — Submitting Popplet

Teacher will show students where to save their Popplet link (to the school's collaborative storage).

Student Instructions

Students will send their link, using the teacher's directions, to the collaborative storage file. Presentations will be conducted on Monday. (Whole lesson assessment comes from this assignment's grade).