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Shapes Around Us

Students will use multiple apps to reinforce shape identification / recognition
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Students will be able to identify each shape, match, compare, group and sort shapes.

Grades Pre-K – K
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1 Introduction

First we will review the shapes we have learned and discuss them each day. I will share these apps on the smartboard and explain to the students how to use them. We will use one new app a day (Monday - Wednesday). I will allow volunteers to try them as well and allow for questions. Once we have concluded, the students will be released to try them on their own. (Book Creator will be taught on it's own at the end of the weeks lessons). 

2 Practice

Activity: Assessing

As the students are on their iPads using the apps, I will be walking around and watching / assessing the students' progress. 

3 Thursday - hands on

Activity: Other — Students will be using manipulatives to show what they have learned and to eplain their process of sorting and grouping. They will work in small groups.

I will explain to the students the activity. We will be using the sorting center boxes and pattern blocks to match, compare, and sort shapes. The students will draw pictures to reflect on the activity their learning. 

4 Wrap up Friday

Book Creator
Free, Paid

I will use the smartboard and my iPad to show the students how to use Book Creator. I will have volunteers come up and use it after instruction. I will answer any questions they may have. They will then being in small groups, 2-3 students, and practice using Book creator together. After 20 minutes of practice, the students will find a spot in the classroom to create their reflection book. They will be required to include all the shapes, show three different ways to group / sort the shapes, and record how they did so. Their last page will be a recording of what they learned throughout the week and which app was their favorite and why.