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Shapes and their Positions Lesson Plan for 1st Grade

After this lesson students will be able to identify their shapes and the positions of where shapes are located using relative pronouns. With the help of in class activities and shown videos students will engage in the lesson and participate to enhance the
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Students can describe what shapes are and where they are located using words such as near, below, or underneath. I could locate where they are and what shapes or size they are without specific detail based on its location.

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Activity: Drawing

Start off with a brief conversation with the children as they sit on the ground. In this conversation, ask questions such as… “Is red a shape? Am I a shape? Is a chair a shape? to get them interested in the lesson. To involve the children and have them get up from their seats have them volunteer to come up to the board and draw out any shapes they know. If the child needs help, ask his/her classmates for guidance through questions. (Example: Could you draw a square for me, please? *Child pauses in confusion* Teacher: Could we help him out by remembering how many sides aa square has? *Students answer*

Student Instructions

Students will pay attention to the “funny” questions of non-shaped object the teacher will ask as they are being tested on their shape knowledge. Students will then be asked to recall shapes and come up and draw shapes asked by the teacher.


IXL - Math and English
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The teacher will explain what activity is expected to be done by the student on an iPad. The iPad will have the IXL app opened for each child on the appropriate tab. This exercise is a shape, sides, and vertices mini assessment that will allow the students to explore more about shapes while they review what they might already know. Students will explore with this tech device for about 10-15 minutes before moving on.

Student Instructions

Students will “play” a shapes, sides, and vertices game on the iPad exploring more on shapes and how they are classified. 


Teacher will show a video on YouTube Kids that explains words that describe positions and location. While the students are watching they will be asked to remember at least one position word/phrase. *teacher will give an example of what she is looking for* Teacher: For example if in the video it says.. “Tim is standing NEXT to a tree” the position where he is standing is NEXT TO.* Ask for any confusion before moving on or give another example. After the video, ask students what they learned and have them express their explanation and understanding of why it is important to know positions of shapes. Have students try to give specific examples or demonstrations to apply higher level thinking.

Student Instructions

Students will watch for position words that will be presented to the teacher after the video in order to show understanding and knowledge. They will also be preparing themselves to show their understanding of positioning of objects/shapes by relocating themselves and desiring where they are. *If near, above, below, underneath, etc. an/a object.


Activity: Other — Activity - Game Time

Beforehand the teacher will set up shapes around the classroom for when it is time the students will be asked to get up and stand next to an object that is being described to them. Example: *Stand next to a shape with three sides* Then progressively to locate shapes saying position words. Example: * Stand next to a circle that is under something or next to a book*


Activity: Assessing

Explain how the worksheet needs to be done. Now the students will be handed out a worksheet with different colored shapes and objects and they will have to decide where tat shape is located and write the POSITION word inside the shape. The shapes/objects will be anywhere inside the classroom. *the elaborate activity shapes are NOT the same ones, they will be taken down and this will be explained to them* This will show the teacher how well the lesson was thought out and how much the students learned.

AT HOME EVALUATION: Students will be given a plate worksheet.  The plate worksheet will be given for the students to take home and will be instructed to draw what is on their *breakfast, lunch, or dinner* plates when it is time to eat at home. They will have to label the food and name its shape. Ex. Cookie is the shape of a circle. or Crackers are the shapes of a square.

Student Instructions

Students will look around the classroom trying to locate where the objects/shapes that are on the paper are in the classroom. They will write inside the shape a POSITION word that describes where the shape is located.

Students will bring back their plate worksheet labeled with the shape of the food they had for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner.