Lesson Plan

Shapes All Around Us

Students create, describe, and critique photo collages of 2D shapes.
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Students will be able to...

- illustrate 2D shapes 

- explain the identifying characteristics of 2D shapes

-  examine and evaluate illustrations and peer explanations of 2D shapes

English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Discussion: Take a look around us, do you see any of the shapes we've been learning about in class? What are the defining attributes of the shape(s) that you've found? 

2 Direct Instruction

Use the geoboard manipulative to illustrate one of the focus 2D shapes. Lead a class discussion. Suggested questions - How would you describe this shape to someone else? What is this shape similar or not similar to?  Do you see examples of this shape in our classroom? School? What is the name of this shape? 

Be sure to include terms students are expected to use in describing 2D shapes at your grade level (corner, vertex, edge, side, angle, equivalent, etc). 

3 Guided Practice

Have students illustrate a different 2D shape using the geoboard. This can be done at interactive whiteboard with whole class discussion or individually at computers with pairs or small group discussion. 

4 Create and Evaluate

Students will use an iPad to complete a PicCollage that is made of photos they take of a shape they've selected (or you can assign each student a shape). Students will then export the collage to the camera roll. In ChatterPix Kids students will use the collage as the photo and record themselves explaining the defining characteristics of the shape. Upon completion, students will save their work to Seesaw and then view and comment on classmates' work. 

Student Instructions

- Select one of the shapes you've been learning about in class that you want to go on a "scavenger hunt" for. 

- Open the app Pic Collage and take and insert photos of examples of the shape you've selected as you find them. 

- Once your collage is created, export the collage to the camera roll. 

- Open the app ChatterPix Kid and select your collage from the camera roll. During the recording phase be sure to include the name of your shape and it's defining characteristics. What makes this shape unique from others?

- Once you've finished recording, save your "chatter" to Seesaw. 

- In Seesaw view and comment on your classmates' work. Remember good comments are detailed and highlight a positive of the work and something that could be improved upon.