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Students explore shapes through numerous fun hands-on activities and taking advantage of the school's iPad 1:1
Brianna W.
Media specialist/librarian
Hastings Public Library
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My Grades K
My Subjects English Language Learning

Students will be able to:

  • Recognize and name different shapes
  • Identify shapes they see in their classroom and surroundings
  • Sort shapes into categories based on their attributes
  • Draw various shapes
  • Compare and contrast shapes
Grades K
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1 Hook: What is a shape?

Activity: Reading

Teacher will:

  1. Read the book Curious George Shapes as an attention getter and to trigger students' prior knowledge about geometric shapes.
  2. Ask students if they know what they will be learning today based on the book.  Inform students they will be learning the names of shapes, and how shapes can be sorted, identified, and compared.
  3. Ask students to give examples of shapes they know, whether at school, home, or other places.

2 Direct Instruction: Explore shapes and their attributes

Teacher will:

  1. Present the YouTube video The Shapes Song, pause the video after each shape is displayed, and discuss each shape one at a time.  The video will appear on the interactive Smart Board.  With each shape, students will find the corresponding block in front of them.
  2. Discuss each shape's attributes and make comparisons.
  3. Ask students to pair up and tell their partner of an object that is the shape of each one discussed during this lesson.

3 Guided Practice: Match, Sort, and Classify Shapes

Teacher will:

  1. Ask students to retrieve their individual iPads and return to their seats.  Students will open the app Shape Gurus.
  2. Ask students to follow along on their iPads as the teacher demonstrates how to play three games appearing on the Smart Board.
  3. Explain the three games and how they relate to shapes.  There is a game for matching shapes, sorting shapes, and classifying shapes.
  4. The teacher assistant will walk around the classroom and make sure students are on the right game.

4 Independent Practice: Draw Shapes

Teacher will:

  1. Ask students to practice drawing shapes independently at their desks using the Shape Lab app on their individual iPads.
  2. Students will practice silently for 5 minutes.
  3. The teacher and teacher assistant will walk around the classroom to make sure students are on task, are using the correct app, and are understanding the concept of shapes.

5 Wrap-Up: Shape Books

Activity: Drawing

Teacher will:

  1. Give each student a shape activity book (includes outlining, coloring, drawing, sorting, matching).
  2. Ask students to complete page 1 in the activity book.