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Students will begin to learn the names of shapes.
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Students will be able to identify various geometric shapes such as square, triangle, circle and rectangle. 

Grades K – 1
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

Students will be introduced to the basic shapes. Using manipulatives the students will begin to play with the shapes to get to an understanding of what each one looks like. 

2 Direct instruction

Activity: Exploring

As a whole group the students will begin to categorize their shapes into squares, triangles, rectangles, etc. The teacher will point out the various attributes of each shape so the students understand which shapes fall into what category. 

3 Independent Practice

Activity: Other — Practice

Students will log on to the site http://www.math-play.com/basic-shapes-game.html and play the basic shape matching game. This will help to reinforce their understanding and offers them the chance to make corrections if they get the shape wrong.