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Shakespeare & Misummer Night's Dream

Introduction to The Bard and one of his greatest (IMHO) comedies.
Tesslyn M.
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Timberwood Middle School
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My Grades 8
My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to...

explain William Shakespeare's role in and contributions  to English literature.

explain William Shakespeare's relevance to literature and culture today.


English Language Arts
Grades 8
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1 Shakespeare Search & Rescue/Scavenger Hunt

Non Tech:  Use the flash cards from the Shakespeare Quizlet, create an "search and rescue" scavenger hunt.  Post slides where students can browse in a gallery walk.

After the Scavenger Hunt, play the Kahoots game.

Review the notes.

Project Padlet on screen with question.

Introduce "Midsummer Nights Dream" with the Shmoop page and video.

End with the Lino It- students respond to the HOTS question:  What makes Shakespeare still important today?

Student Instructions

Students will read the clue on each slide, then write an answer.  Walk to the next slide with that answer, read the clue and write another answer.  Walk to that slide.

If student answers all questions correctly, he/she will end where he/she started.

If not, there is a mistake somewhere, and student should fix it.

Use the Kahoot's game to review/correct information from the scavenger hunt.

Review notes and make corrections.

Students respond to Padlet question with a comment, photo, or quote.