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Seven Years War

Students will be guided through learning about the Seven Years War and related topics.
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Students will be able to create a song, poem, or poster related to patriotism using their ipad to the best of their ability.

Students will sing "Yankee Doodle" song aloud to the best of their ability.

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Grades 4
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1 Introduction

Free, Paid

Teacher will get the yankee doodle song from the following link: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=e+book+yankee+doodle+song&qpvt=e+book+yankee+doodle+song&FORM=VDRE#view=detail&mid=CC107A1BF7A40D702C31CC107A1BF7A40D702C31

Connect ipad or computer to smartboard to show video.

Student Instructions

Today we will start our lesson by listening to a video of the song "Yankee Doodle." Has anyone heard of this song before?

Whole class will listen to the video first and then students will sing along the second time.

The third time through the students will be instructed to sing the song aloud with the lyrics only.

2 Body

Free, Paid

Class discussion done through nearpod app:

  • Submit the name of a war?
  • The seven years war took place between 1754-1763 (Show timeline of events on nearpod)
  • The seven years war was between Europe, North America, Central America, the West african coast, India, and the phillipines. What continent of these is the United States in?
  • Yankee doodle is sung as a song showing patriotism. In your own words- what is patriotism?
  • Yankee doodle is the state anthem of a Eastern state. Which Eastern state might this be?
  • Create the definition of an anthem in your own words.

Have students create their own song about patriotism

  • Can do on their own or with a partner
  • Can create a video (with subtitles if time) or
  • Have students create a poem/poster on their ipad


Student Instructions

On the nearpod presentation

  • Submit the name of the war
  • Out of the continents shown on the nearpod submit which one the US is in
  • Definition of patriotism
  • Educated guess of a state in the East that may have yankee doodle as their state anthem
  • Definition of an anthem
  • Create song about patriotism as a video or poem/poster

3 Wrap-up

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will instruct students that they are only able to share positive comments on their classmates' presentations.

Teacher will allow students to choose whether or not they want to share their songs.

Teacher will help students with the set-up required to present their songs.


Student Instructions

Students will volunteer to share their songs through whatever format they chose. Other students will be respectful while their classmates are presenting only saying nice things and keeping negative comments to themselves.