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Self Introduction

Students will create an avatar and comic using Bitstrip to introduce themselves to the class.
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Students will be able to use technology to create a comic and write an introduction of self to present orally to the class.


English Language Arts
Grades 5 – 8
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1 Direct Instruction

Teacher will explain that students will be creating a comic to help them introduce themselves to the class. A Handout will be given that has criteria for the introduction, ie student will have 5 tiles, include likes, interests and hobbies, and dialogue clouds.

Teacher will login to Bitstrips for Schools and model the introduction she/he created. 

Teacher will distribute handout for each student to log on to Bitstrip with class code and direction for creating a password.

Teacher will then demonstrate to students how to navigate Bitstrip to create an avatar in their likeness.

Students will create self avatar.

Teacher will provide directions on how to navigate and use the Bitstrip site to add to, delete from and develop their own comic strips.

Teacher will support as needed to assist students with site.

Teacher will pass out criteria for oral part of presention. 

Teacher will provide a model and give time for students to peer edit introductions.


2 Guided Practice/ Independent Practice

Students will create avatar in own likeness and add to class roster.

Students will develop a 5 tile comic strip introducing self, including likes, interests and hobbies.

Students will submit comic for review by teacher.

Students will write a brief introduction to accompany their comic.

Students will orally present comic, and introduce the self to class.

Students will fill out positive comment cards for each presentation.

3 Wrap Up

Using the SMARTBOARD, students will present their comics.  Teacher will print out a copy of comic to be collected along with introduction writing. Grade will be determined by directions followed, comic containing 5 tiles with likes/interests/hobbies, and a clear introduction to class.

Students will fill out a survey on what was good/not good about lesson. Also they will have positive comment cards to help them assess their work.