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It is important to self-assess and reflect on completed work.
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Students will be able to self-assess and reflect on completed work. Students will be able to use established criteria or collaborates with classmates and teacher to develop criteria for assessment. 

English Language Arts
Grades 7
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1 Mini Lesson

Activity: Reading

Today you will be answering 4 questions about the work you did on your project.

The answers to these questions could help you improve your work on similar projects in the future.

2 Guided/ Independent / Share

Activity: Creating

Go over each question, explaining that each question (especially the final question) should be answered in detail.Students will each fill out a copy of assessment.o over each assessment sheet as students turn them in. Discuss with the student any improvements that can be made on their assessments.Teachers will return the self-assessments to students at the beginning of subsequent projects. Students will re-read their goals for improvement and try to achieve them.

Student Instructions

Fill out a sample sheet with the help of the teacher.Allow students to work in pairs.The entire sheet is read aloud to the class.