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Selective breeding

Students learn the process and reasons for selective breeding
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The nature of chromosomes and genes

How some genes have been selected in order to produce breeds that are useful to humans

Grades 8
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1 Start with the fun

Display Thingdom on the board and got through the login process as a class. Explain the key term as they appear at the start. Use a timer such as Google Timer to display how long the students have to play; this will be determined by the lesson length but I suggest 10 minutes as some of the mini-games may take more than one attempt.

There is evidence that playing games at the beginning of a topic, rather than as a reward at the end, increases motivation and engagement with the topic as a whole.


Student Instructions

Login to Thingdom and start caring for a creature. Breed your creature as instructed.

2 Research

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Google Drive
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Think-pair-share activity.

Provide students with a list of key words which they have to find the definitions for using Twig world, a YouTube playlist and BBC Bitesize (plus any class textbooks etc). There can be one large list or various short lists depending on the students. ELL students could be given a short list of the most important words, advanced learners some trickier terms. Lists could be on a Google doc, paper etc. Students could work alone or in pairs/small groups as appropriate.

Give the students an amount of time to complete their list. Once the time is up, ask students to find others with the same list and compare definitions. Decide on the best definition and add it to a Google doc which the whole class has access to and can use for reference later.

Student Instructions

Write a definition for the words on your list, use the resources to help. Keep an eye on the time.

3 TedEd - Watch and discuss

Watch the TedEd video about Mendel's pea plants as a class. http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-mendel-s-pea-plants-helped-us-understand-g...

Either add written comments to the discussion section on the website or use the discussion question as a prompt for an in-class discussion. I usually show a photo of my very blond daughter during class discussion as an example of the hit and miss nature of selective breeding as both her parents have very dark brown hair.

Sensitively to adopted students is important so opportunities to talk about very similar looking celebrity siblings.

Student Instructions

Watch the video

Add your thought to the discussion.