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Sein-present tense

How to conjugate sein in the present tense
Lori D.
Classroom teacher
Ligonier Valley High School
Ligonier, United States
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Students will be able to... Use the verb sein in the present tense with all if the subject pronouns.


World Languages
Grades 9
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

Show "ich bin ich..."  Glasperlenspiel


Show "ich bin Du" Rush hour clip



Student Instructions

Students will watch 2 clips



2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

The teacher will present the conjugation of the verb sein.

The students will take notes. The teacher will discuss the irregularities, importance and frequency of the use of this verb. 

The teacher will orally present the conjugation and pronunciation of all of the forms of sein. 

Student Instructions

The students will take notes.

The students will orally respond and repeat the conjugation of the verb sein.

3 Independent work and practice

The teacher will give the text to the song Ich bin ich and the skit Ich bin du.

The students will rewatch the videos and circle or underline each time a form of sein is used. 

The class will discuss the answers.  Review the verb changes of sein.

Students will them work on exercises on their own to practice and the teacher will check for understanding

Student Instructions

Students will follow the videos and mark on their scripts when they hear a form of sein.

They will discuss their answers as a class.

They will practice individually on a set of exercises with all of the forms of sein.

The teacher will check for understanding.

4 Wrap up

Activity: Investigating

Students will jot down two items that they think is important about the verb sein that they would remember for a quiz tomorrow. 

The class will come together and discuss the important items from the class. 

Students will have individual homework assigned to practice the conjugation of all forms of the verb sein.

Student Instructions

Students will write down 2 important items that they learned about the verb sein. 

The class as a whole will discuss 5-6 important items.

The students will receive a homework assignment to practice all of the conjugations of the verb sein.