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Seesaw Book Reviews

Students will create a book review of a chapter book they have read. They will then write meaningful comments on one another's book reviews.
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Students will be able to...

Create a book review with a short retelling and recommendation.

Write a meaningful comment on another person's book review

English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 5
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1 Reading Rainbow Book Review Sample

Gather students together to watch the Reading Rainbow Book Review.

After watching, discuss what the student in the video said in his book review. 

Student Instructions

Think about what makes this a good book review.

Participate in discussion about quality book reviews.

2 Write a Book Review

Activity: Creating

Have students select a chapter book they recently read. They should write a short summary of the book without giving away the ending. They should include a recommendation at the end.

Share book reviews with a partner.



Student Instructions

Choose a chapter book you recently read.

Write a short summary without giving away the ending. At the end, tell which type of reader you would recommend the book to.

Share book review with a partner.

3 Seesaw Book Review

Have students use the QR code to get into their Seesaw account. 

Have them respond to the Book Review assignment by posting their video. Make sure they have the book with them to show in their video. 

Student Instructions

Use the QR code to get into your Seesaw account. 

Add a response to the Book Review assignment by posting your video. Use the notes you wrote down earlier. Use the book in your video. 

4 Seesaw Comments

Gather students together.

Using chart paper, make a list of comments people make that make you feel good.

Then, make a list of comments people make that make you feel bad. 

Refer to Digital Citizenship Poster, discuss how to respect themselves and others on Seesaw. 

Practice writing some comments together. 

Allow time for the students to listen and respond to their classmates' book reviews on Seesaw.

Student Instructions

Participate in class discussion.

View other book reviews and comment on two of them. Remember to respect others when you are writing your comments.