Lesson Plan

Second Grade Story Elements

Students will gain reading skills such as word recognition and other skills that improve their reading comprehension. This lesson plan will give students experience with using five different educational apps that support their knowledge of story elements.

Students will be able to gain practice with skills that will improve their ability to comprehend what they are reading and identify the story elements that tell the story. 

English Language Arts
Grades 2
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1 Day 1- Hook

Through the use of this app, teachers can introduce students to numerous games that involve reading activities. This will be a fun way to introduce students to the new learning goal- which is story elements, or the parts of the story. 

Student Instructions

Students will get the opportunity to explore different games on this app that all involve reading, which will get them back into the mindset that reading is fun! 

2 Day 2- Direct Instruction

The teacher can use this app to introduce students to new sight words or to just practice sight words they might have learned last year. The app can encourage students to learn at their own pace while still participating in a classroom shared activity. 

Student Instructions

Students can play games to practice their sight word recognition in a fun and creative way. 

3 Day 3- Guided Practice

This app is great tool when encouraging students to read a variety of different texts in a magical and fun way. Students can then write about what they read or even verbally tell the teacher. The teacher should instruct students to choose one story they want to look at later for an activity. 

Student Instructions

Students will be able to choose the stories they want to read in their level and can read with friends during this time. 

4 Day 4- Independent Practice

The teacher should have asked the students to choose one story of focus from their Reading Rainbow app. The teacher will then ask students to take pictures from around the room and use photos from the internet to retell the story on the Pic Collage app. This will address their ability to pick out the important story elements and important story moments that move the story along. 

Student Instructions

Students will use the Pic Collage app to show the story they chose. They will take or use pictures of the characters and how they picture them, and then share their collages with the class.

5 Day 5- Wrap Up Project

Drawp Unlimited
Free to try, Paid

The class will first use the Drawp app to create their own story arc maps. The students will choose their own events to go on the map, but must identify the characters and setting. Then go to Toontastic. This app is great for students to create their own stories. The teacher will support their ideas by giving them prompts like "who is the main character of your story?" The app allows students to narrate their own stories which can be told to other classmates and shared later. 

Student Instructions

Students have the freedom to choose their own characters, setting, music, etc. to make their story their own!