Lesson Plan

Scriptwriting with Wiki

Students use a wiki to create a web show script
Vaneese M.
Technology coordinator
University Of Nebraska - Kearney
Kearney, United States
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Students will be able to...

  1. Identify elements of scripts and scene development
  2. Develop characters
  3. Develop scenarios for characters to go through
  4. Work collaboratively to produce a web show script

Materials Needed:

  • Chromebook with internet access for each student
  • Projector 
English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 10
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1 Attention Getter

Activity: Conversing

Teacher asks students to name their favorite television show and describe why it's their favorite.

Teacher asks students to think about the different parts of a script. The key parts, or elements of a script, will be written on a projector or screen. 

Student Instructions

Students provide feedback and requested information about their favorite television shows. 


2 Direct Instruction

Prior to starting the lesson, the teacher will have created a wiki classroom. 

Teacher will provide students with an example of a well-written television, play, or book character. 

Teacher will enter script title into wiki, along with a list of characters created by students. 

Student Instructions

Students will watch YouTube video on character development.

Students will brainstorm ideas and a title for the web show script. 

Students will brainstorm 5-7 characters for inclusion in the web show script. 

3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

Teacher will demonstrate how to edit, format, and save content in the wiki through use of the Chromebook. Teacher's screen will be shared and projected onto a larger screen. 

Student Instructions

Students will follow along using their Chromebook. 

Students will practice editing, formatting, and saving content in the wiki and ask questions for clarification. 

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Teacher will create a setting and opening scene for the script based on the ideas presented by the class.

Teacher will split class into 5-7 groups based on the 5-7 characters created by the class. 

Limitations and rules will be set by the teacher regarding the editing of classmate's work. 

Student Instructions

Students will create a dialogue and scene for their assigned character. 

On a rotating basis, students will edit the next group's work until all student work has been edited. 

5 The Wrap-Up

Activity: Assessing

Students will be assessed on their ability to

  1. identify and use the various elements of a script
  2. apply their knowledge of character and scene development to their group script
  3. edit with professionalism, while respecting the work of their peers