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Science Schtuff: The Maker Movement

This is one of several lessons integrated between units in any science class that utilizes UPenn Literacy Strategies and timely science information
Dana O.
Instructional Technology Integrator
North Allegheny School District
Pittsburgh, United States
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My Grades 11, 12
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts, World Languages, English Language Learning, Health & Wellness

Students will...

  • understand what the "Maker Movement" is and why it is important regionally, nationally, and globally
  • be able to gather knowledge and communicate what they discovered with their peers

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Do Now

Teacher facilitates students' "Do Now" writing activity and discussion.  They should hard time this activity at 10 minutes.

Student Instructions

Students read the Maker Movement article and respond to the prompt below.

“Write at least 4 lines about how you connect to the Maker Movement.”

Then,  students "Turn and Talk" reading their 4 lines aloud to a partner.

Next, students go back and highlight what stands out to them.

Finally, a few students share as class

2 Investigation Stations (Jigsaw Activity)

Teacher explains how a jigsaw activity works and divides the students into groups of 3.  They then number off within that group as a 1, 2, or 3.  

Teacher has all of the "ones" gather together with their iPads and scan the QR code for station one.  The students then answer their station's assigned question, completing a graphic organizer (list important points, list important quotes.)  This then repeats for "twos" and "threes."

Hard time the stations at 15 minutes.  While students are in stations, the teacher should walk around using questioning techniques to get students thinking and focused.  

Then, students return to their original groups and share out for 15 minutes.

Student Instructions

Station 1:

  • The mind of a maker
  • Watch, make notes on graphic organizer

Station 2:

  • Maker Movement in Pittsburgh
  • Read/Investigate site, make notes on graphic organizer

Station 3:

  • Discussion-based
  • “How do pinterest, kickstarter, and etsy influence the Maker Movement?”
  • Find a project on one of these sites that was developed by a “maker.”

3 Homework/Follow Up


Teacher will organize a future video call with a local "maker."

Student Instructions

Students should write at least one question to ask the owner/manager of the Pittsburgh Tech Shop.