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Science Behind Genetics

Start to Finish: Genetic Outcomes
Nick M.
Classroom teacher
Laredo Middle School, Aurora, CO
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My Grades 8
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Students will be able to explain what is required to pass on genetic information.

Students will be able to explain the differences between homozygous and heterozygous alleles.

Students will be able to complete and analyze a monohybrid and dihybrid crosses with a punnett square to make a conclusion on probability of genetic outcome of one or two traits.

Students will be able to create a genetic scenario and determine the genetic outcome from that scenario.

Grades 8
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1 Hook

The imaginary portion of this product will grade the naturally creative minds of students in 8th grade by using the fantasy thingdoms in genetic matching.  This product allows students to have a fun way of beginning their exploration of genetics with minimal or non-existent background information on genetic outcomes while giving them the idea of the basic needs for the passing on of genetic information.  Because it doesn't give all the answers to the students, they will want to learn more about the genetic principles and more of the how it works.

2 Direct Instruction

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The students will be given an online quiz that formatively tests their knowledge of key terms within genetics.  This activity is non-graded and provides the experience of understanding what each term means without the pressure of trying to achieve a grade.  The students will have flashcards that they can thoroughly go through to understand what each key term means.  I will follow this up with a class game of who can identify the word on the board with the definition.  Background information and explanation will be given in a direct instruction environment so that students have an understanding of each term.  In addition to this the students will get practice with these terms as they explore the basics of punnett squares from this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1PCwxUDTl8.

3 Guided Practice

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This product uses the content specific terminology necessary for students to grasp key concepts while determining traits and calculating probable outcomes from genetic scenarios.  I would guide the students through a specific scenario so that the calculated outcome is reached to provide the students with an example of the outcome desired.  The more the students understand the more they can push and test the limits of genetic possibilities.  This online activity would be used in conjunction with a google survey to check for understanding as well as the opportunity to pose questions that clarification is needed on.

4 Independent Practice

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The second time using this program the students will be allowed to explore on their own.  They need to create the scenario of their choice and test it through a punnett square tool.  This activity will allow them to push their understanding past to the prediction stage of genetic outcomes.  Students will be given the predetermined scenario to work through on the punnett square for summative assessment of their mastery of the monohybrid cross and dihybrid cross.  Then the students will be allowed to set their own criteria in a dihybrid cross.

5 Wrap-Up

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The students will construct and explain a genetic scenario that could possibly be real for extension.  They would have to imagine two traits from fictional characters, the dihybrid cross of those traits and the genetic outcome and probability that would result from such a cross.  They would put all their findings, presentation, and documentary together on google drive to be presented at the end of the unit for their project based assessment.  The PBA would be graded on a rubric.  The students have the flexibility to minimalize or intensify the depth of the concepts while maintaining a clear description of the concepts and since the concepts are what's needed to know then low level to GT will have an opportunity to push themselves as far as they can go.