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Christy B.
Classroom teacher
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My Grades 9, 10
My Subjects Science

Students will be able to build a Rube Goldberg simple or complex machine and describle motion using the formula for force and correlating Newton's Law of Motion. The students will be able to complete a Rube Goldberg model independently and upload it to my e-mail to include use of 5 out of 6 simple machines with 10 action/reaction combinations.

Grades 6 – 9
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1 Hook

  • The students will click on Brain pop the unit and will help Twitch do his late night work in the museum using simple machines by picking the correct piece of equipment to make his work easier.
  • The Brain Pop site also has examples and definitions of different simple machines.
  • The students will complete the two additional video games in Brain Pop.
  • Edheads has two different rooms where students must identify the different simple machines.

2 Direct Instruction

  • Khan Academy are used to show videos of Newton's laws which utilize simple machines.
  • I would go through each video as a class pointing out the different machines to include lever, screw, pulley, etc...
  • This would give students everyday examples of different types of simple machines they could create on their own.
  • Students would write everyday examples of the six simple machines in their interactive notebook.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Conversing


  • I would help the students get started by having them apply the different headings for their lab report.
  • Also I would have them name the type of simple machine they are building and show them examples on Edtech
  • I would make sure students could easily access the website they choose to make their machine
  • I would make sure that the students could obtain the needed materials

4 Independent Practice

  • I would allow students to use computers, phones, IPad using internet explorer or google to figure out what type of simple machine they would like to build 
  • I would have students go to crazy machines app to design and build their machine.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Presenting

The students will present the product that they made with materials from their home and describe each of the parts of the simple machine.

The students will also turn in their lab report for an assessment.