Lesson Plan

Scatter Plots, Correlation & Lines of Best Fit

Students will explore scatter plots, positive, negative and no correlation, as well as creating lines of best fit (trend lines) for given data.
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Carlynton Junior/Senior High School
Carnegie, United States
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My Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to...

  • graph and interpret points on a scatter plot
  • determine whether a scatter plot has a positive, negative or no correlation
  • write equations from the line of best fit.
Grades 8 – 10
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1 Anticipatory Set/Hook

Activity: Investigating

1. Present students with Caleb's height chart, by either passing out a handout with the information on it, or by drawing it on the board.  The height chart should look like this:

Caleb's Height

Age Height
5 39 in
6 41.5 in
7 44.5 in
8 48 in
9 51.5 in
10 54 in
11 58 in
12 62.5 in
13 68 in


2. Instruct students to use graph paper to plot these data points (age on the x-axis, height on the y-axis).

3. Ask students to predict how tall Caleb will be when he's 14, 15 and 16 years old.

Student Instructions

1. Plot the points from the Caleb's Height chart.

2. Make predictions on Caleb's height at 14, 15 and 16 years old.

2 Procedure

Free, Paid

This lesson is in a different order than most.


1. Teacher makes sure all students are signed on to Nearpod lesson and assigns them to go through one (either a teacher-created or the one below).  Included are a few interactive activities, instructional videos.


2. Built into the Nearpod (second slide to the end) is a Quiz.  The quiz should be taken by the students.


3. As added assurance that students understand the topic, the teacher will lead the students through the last page of the Nearpod - the printout.  The teacher may already have these handouts ready to go for the students.  With the class, the teacher will go through  question number 6 from the assignment, making the rest of the sheet class work or homework for the rest of the students.  

4. Move on to the closure with about 5-7 minutes to go in class.

Student Instructions

1. Independently go through the Nearpod lesson, including completing the activities and watching the videos.

2. Complete Quiz within Nearpod and submit it to the teacher.

3. Engage with the whole group in guided practice #6.

4. Complete the worksheet for next class.

3 Closure

1. Allow students to choose between small (teacher-provided) data sets with 10 or less points in them.  Direct them to the resource link above.

2. Have students input their chosen data set into the Scatter Plot creating tool.

3. Instruct students to answer the following:

  • Does the scatter plot have positive, negative or no correlation?
  • Using the linear regression function, estimate the y value for (choose three x values, depending on the data set).
  • Share opinions on the scatter plot tool. Do you like it? What does it do that you can't do?
Student Instructions

1. Choose one of the provided data sets.

2. Follow the teacher's link and input the data set into the creating tool.

3. Answer the provided teacher questions and turn in to the teacher by the end of the period.