Lesson Plan

Savy Spelling

Students will learn new vocabulary through customized list in Spelling City

Students will be able to...

§110.14. English Language Arts and Reading, Grade 3, Beginning with School Year 2009-2010.

(24)  Oral and Written Conventions/Spelling. Students spell correctly. Students are expected to:

(A)  use knowledge of letter sounds, word parts, word segmentation, and syllabication to spell;

(B)  spell words with more advanced orthographic patterns and rules:

(i)  consonant doubling when adding an ending;

(ii)  dropping final "e" when endings are added (e.g., -ing, -ed);

(iii)  changing y to i before adding an ending;

(C)  spell high-frequency and compound words from a commonly used list;

(D)  spell words with common syllable constructions (e.g., closed, open, final stable syllable);

(E)  spell single syllable homophones (e.g., bear/bare; week/weak; road/rode);

(G)  use print and electronic resources to find and check correct spellings.

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1 Pre-Assessment

Activity: Other — spelling pre-test

At the beginning of the week give students an oral/ written response pre-test over their new spelling words/ vocabulary for the week.

Student Instructions

Student will attempt to spell new words from their teacher on a sheet of paper.

2 Learning and Reviewing

Activity: Exploring

Students will use classroom dictionaries to find the meaning of their new vocabulary.

Students can be paired up and assinged one or two words that they'll later share with their class to put into their vocabulary journal.

Student Instructions

Look up 2 spelling words given to you by the teacher and come up with a definition to share with the class.

3 Word review and practice

$59.95 per year

Create a custom list for this weeks words in SpellingCity

Allow students to take quizzes each day up until the day of the spelling test

Student Instructions

Get your assigned iPad and open SpelingCIty

Find the correct word list for the week and do the activity given by your teacher that day

4 Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Give students same spelling test as in pre-assessment, this time using the words in a sentence after saying them once.

Student Instructions

Students will write down the spellings for the words the teacher call out