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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan


Participants will reflect on their current use of technology in the classroom using the SAMR framework
Lori V.
Technology coordinator
Campobello-Gramling Elementary School
Campobello, United States
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Participants will reflect on their current use of technolgy in the classroom using the SAMR framework, coming to understand that decisions as to purpose and outcome are important when using technology. They will also begin integrating technology tool, keeping the learning intention as the heart of the lesson process. 

English Language Arts
Grades 12
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1 The Hook

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Begin by having table groups discuss their current use of technology in their classrooms. When and where is technology used? (whole class, individually for reinforcement, homework, etc.)

After 5-7 min. disccusion, have teachers write/link the programs, apps or sites they most commonly use on individual "post-it" notes on Padlet. Have them color-code the notes as to most comon purpse: yellow = instructional use for learning, blue = individual/group use for practice or reinforcement, green = homework or other individual, non-supervised use. (create other categories as apporpriate)

After all have posted, have teachers look to see which visually show up most often; what patterns do they see? What purposes, or uses, for technology seem most prevelant?

2 Direct Instruction - SAMR Model

Activity: Investigating

During this part, introduce the SAMR model. Use this SAMR video clip  to introduce the model. Ask teachers to take notes using the initials SAMR  as a note-taking organizer. (use either paper/pencil or electronic)

Discussion prompt following the video: Use the SAMR model to reflect on how you're integrating technology. Is it an act of Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, or Redefinition? What purpose does each entail? How could each enhance, rather than detract, from student learning?

Have teachers revisit the Padlet page. As a table group, ask them to organize the notes into the 4 acts of SAMR. 

Lead a discussion on the idea of augmentation. What, or how, does technology augment learning? How do we keep student learning at the heart of a lesson and not let the technology, nor the activity, become the central purpose?

3 Guided Practice

Google Drive
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Teachers will access several lesson sequences (organized by grade spans) that use the 5 steps of the Graphite App Flow. Using these, teachers will analyze at least 2 lessons with a partner to identify:

learning intention
technology used
success criteria (learning outcome) 

After identify these, teachers should investigate each of the technology tools and relate to the SAMR model. Do they match the learning intention? 

Wrap up this section with a short quiz using Kahoot!  Give scenarios as questions asking teachers to decide if the technology is being used as substitution, augmentation, modification or redefinition.K

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Introduce teachers to the simple, five-step process of integrating technology into lessons with the use of the following:

Video: How to Create an App Flow

Google Doc template with the 5 steps + Learning Intention and Success Criteria added. (as a Google doc., teachers can create electronically and share within the same folder)

The Graphite web-site, showing how they might filter for various apps/sites/programs that would meet their needs.

Allow time for teachers to work in pairs, groups or individually to create lessons integrating technology.

5 Wrap - Up

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Free, Paid

To internalize the learning, and take it to a more individualized and independent level, have teachers review one or two other lessons looking for the alignment of the learning intention, technology used and the success criteria (outcome). After a time of individual application, have teachers pair with the creator of the lesson and ask questions, give praise and any suggestions they might have.

Add to the Padlet board: have teachers add the new technologies they discovered, and used, in their lessons. What color will they be?

To wrap-up, bring teachers together to discuss the Essential Question, "Is technology a help or hindrance to student learning?"  Have teachers discuss their ideas around this question. What are the important elements to remember to be sure that technology is supporting learning? Use a site such as Today's Meet to have teachers quickly and easily add their thoughts as answers to the question above. 

6 Reflection

Activity: Conversing

Create and have reflection dice available. 

Student Instructions

Scan the QR Codes located on the dice to reflect on what you have learned. Template can be located at Learning in Hand.