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Safe Online Talk

Digital Literacy and Citizenship - A Common Sense Media Lesson
Darlynn A.
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Students will be able to...describe positive aspects of online talking and messaging, identify situations in which flirting and chatting become inappropriate and risky and understand rules for safe online messaging, and feel empowered to deal with uncomfortable situations when communicating online

English Language Arts
Social Studies
English Language Learning
Grades 6 – 8
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Prior knowledge: Students are familiar with texting, chatting online and using various social networking sites.

Lesson goal:  Students will be confident when communicating online and know how to handle inappropriate situations when they come up.

Students do a quick write on Padlet. They will answer the following questions:

Have you ever heard the expression, "Don't Talk to Strangers"?

How might this rule change when we communicate online?

Student Instructions

Quick Write:

Have you ever heard the expression, "Don't Talk to Strangers"?

How might this rule change when we communicate online?

Provide a quick response in Padlet. 

2 Direct Instruction -Vocabulary Lesson

Activity: Exploring

Vocabulary Review Needed for Video: 

• Opportunity: A chance for something to happen
• Pitfall: A hidden or unsuspected problem or danger
• Inappropriate: Not proper; not okay
• Risky: Potentially harmful to one’s emotional or physical well-being
• Harass: To bother or pressure aggressively 

  1. Explain new words
  2. Students restate or explain new words in their own words and/or writing.
  3. Have students create an image of the new words. 
  4. Students will watch video
  5. Give examples of above from the video 
Student Instructions

1. Categorize the words in three groups: 

  1. Words I Know
  2. Words I Sort of Know
  3. Words I Don't Know

2. For the words you kind of know or  do not know, take a guess at the meaning. 



3 Guided Activity - Video

Activity: Conversing

Distribute Handout: Take Three Student Handout

Explain to students that they are going to watch a video of three teens sharing their experiences about connecting with people online. Students should pay attention to the opportunities  and the pitfalls that each of the three teens mentions in the film.  They will complete a handout on the opportunties and pitfalls each studnet in the video speaks to. 

Student Instructions

Read over the handout- Take Three Student Handout 

Watch : “Perspectives of Chatting Safely Online” video.

Complete the Take Three Student Handout with your partner.