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RtI Grouping Staff Meeting

Grouping Students Based on Student Data
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Teachers will be able to...

Group students into four categories (Challenge, Benchmark, Strategic, Intensive) based on student data

Identify needs of students in each category based on student data

English Language Arts
Grades K – 5
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1 Hook

RtI Specialist will send out a Google Form to teachers prior to meeting. The form will survey teachers about RtI the previous year; what went well, what were some challenges. 

Specialist will start meeting with a cartoon that shows a picture of all different animals standing in front of a tree. The teacher says." To be fair, we are going to give you all the same test. You all will climb the tree!" This will be a visual example of why we need to differentiate for our students. 

2 Explanation of RtI

Specialist will use Google Slide presentation to explain to teachers that RtI is a process used by the whole staff. We each have a role to play in RtI. 

The process is a cycle that begins with universal screeners, then targeting needs, then addressing needs, then assessing targeted area, then screen again. 

Student Instructions

Teachers take notes on presentation. Make notes that they have a huge role to play in the RtI process. 

3 Grade-Level Grouping

Activity: Conversing

Specialist will provide grade levels with student data and chart paper. Specialist explain to teachers how they are meant to use the data to group students into four categories (challenge, benchmark, strategic, and intensive). Specialist will use student examples of how to use each column of data to make a professional decision about where to place each student. 

Specialist will walk around to each group to answer questions as teachers group students. 

When grouping is done, specialist will ask teachers to look at their groups and, based on the data, determine the overarching need in each category. 

Student Instructions

Teachers use data to group students in their grade level.

Teachers will use data to determine what overarching need each group of students has. 

4 Obersvations/Reflections

After student groups and needs have been identified, specialist will ask teachers to observe each grade level's charts. 

Specialist will ask for observations and reflections about the groupings in each grade level and where the needs lie in our school and we can do to work as a staff to address these needs. 

Student Instructions

Teachers will observe charts from each grade-level. Teachers will determine where the needs are in the school and what we might do as a team to address them. 

5 Closing

Activity: Conversing

Specialist will meet with each grade level to create a weekly schedule to address the needs of each group  in their grade. 

Student Instructions

Teachers will work with specialist to create a weekly schedule to address the needs of their students. They are looking at times not only for the RtI specialist to work with intensive groups, but also time in their day they can address the needs of the students who are in the "strategic" category.