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Rounding, Compareing, and Ordering Decimals

Rounding, Compareing, and Ordering Decimals
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My Grades 5
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Students will be able to... compare, order, and round decimals by completing  a real world scenario of batting averages.

Grades 5
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1 Engage

Free, Paid

Introduce comparing decimals through the thousandths using <, >, or =. Review ordering decimals (flipchart on PDrive).

Introduce the concept of batting averages and their importance to baseball.

View YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWonnG4U_Gs

Student Instructions

Students will share what they know about decimal place values and what they know about baseball statistics (specifically batting averages).

2 Concrete and Abstract

Activity: Assessing

Batter Up in CGPS Frameworks p.57-60

Additional Practice in  Envision textbook  page 16-17

Student Instructions

Students will complete Batter-Up activity.

Early finishers will complete pages 16-17 in their Envisions textbook.

3 Wrapup

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Teacher will give a 5 question review via Kahoot!