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Roman Civilization Part 1

Introduction to Roman civilization and the different family roles. A brief history on how Rome was influenced by the Greeks.
Richa E.
Lodi SDA Elementary School
Lodi, United States
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
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The students will Identify the family roles in the Roman Empire and learn the differences between the men and women rights in Rome.   

Social Studies
Grades 7
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1 Engage

Activity: Conversing
  • Place class in groups with Roman god names
    • Jupiter
    • Mars
    • Venus
    • Mercury
  • Ask students to write down the name of the god and the students names in the groups
  • Ask them why the Roman Gods sound familiar
  • On the same paper as their names, have them write down the connections.
  • Give students about 5 minutes to discuss among their groups and then ask a couple of groups to share.

2 Explore

Have students read pages 340-343 from the textbook individually. (Discovering our past: a history of the world. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education)

Have students take 10 minutes to explore this site

Have students choose two topics that interest them.




3 Explain

Lecture on Ch.12 lesson 1. Focusing on pages 340-343





  • Rome was influenced by the Greek civilization.
  • Built Roads connecting Rome to the empire
  • Rome adapted Greek architecture and added arches to the style.
  • Roman architects developed vault ceilings and master the use of concrete. 
  • Roman poet Virgil drew ideas from the Odyssey (Greek story) to great Aeneid (Roman story).
  • Satires are plays and poems that poked fun at human weakness.
  • Odes- poems that express strong emotion
  • Roman plays were part of religious celebrations or national festivals

Poll question after the lecture: Who did the Romans base their civilization on?

  1. Greeks
  2. Persians
  3. Britannia



5 Evaluate

  • Have students go onto www.gazofi.com/lsdae/home (an image communication network where teachers post questions about the lesson and the student's answer. Students can draw on pictures in the program, be asked to research and then answer, highlight, or add to the question)


  • Questions that will be posted
  • What is the difference between a satire and an ode?
  • Why would a doctor today need to study anatomy?
  • How did the Romans differ from the Greeks in their art that shows the human body?
  • Research what clothing the Romans wore and copy and paste the picture into the question. Explain what type of clothing it is and what it was for.
  • Draw a map to shows how Rome was connected to the rest of the known world. Research online and show the major countries.
  • What two topics did you find interesting from dusters.com? Write a paragraph for each topic explaining what the topic is and why you found it interesting.