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Robo en la noche: From reading a novel to Instagram en español

Students will learn about Costa Rica, bird smuggling, and gain confidence in their reading skills in this unit.
Wheatley D.
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Warren Mott High School
Warren, United States
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My Subjects World Languages

Students will be able to:

Read in Spanish and derive meaning, learn vocabulary, and apply reading skills to guess what will happen (present OR preterite tense, depending on level)

Apply knowledge of social media to communicate in Spanish

Demonstrate knowledge via verbal and visual presentation


World Languages
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Intro: ¿Qué vamos a leer?

Activity: Reading

Show the cover and title of the book (Robo en la noche by Kristy Placido, from TPRS publishing).

Ask students to brainstorm with a neighbor about what might happen in the story.

What does robo mean?  What is this book about?  What might happen?

2 READ the novel & Build connections (over multiple days)

Read the novel.  This may be done independently, in groups, as a class, using the CD narration, or any mix of those.

Each day, enhance your reading and check for understanding by using the resources above.  You may want to include videos of Costa Rica and the birds there (see YouTube play list).

Consider having students act out different chapters or scenes.  This could be very informal and use the book, or could be memorized and recorded on video.  There is a student sample in the YouTube playlist as well-- it is goofy, but a fun way to have students use Spanish and get actively into the story.


3 ASSESS Student Knowledge (Communication Standard)

Prezi Classic
Free, Free to try, Paid


Instagram tends to be the most popular.  This is a great way for students to use (or reference) social media they enjoy, blend in their knowledge of the characters and story, and then present in Spanish to the class.

You may want to create a rubric for grading!  Rubistar.com is a great site for creating rubrics.  

Post student work on your class website & share with parents at conferences or send out a link to parents to see what is happening in your class.


Student Instructions

Tres opciones. ¡Elige una! Sí, TODO EN ESPAÑOL. Todos incluyen 3 dibujos y 10 oraciones en español.

1. Comic strip (3 squares) with 10 captions or talk bubbles. Create using PowerPoint or Prezi, or draw by hand and photograph--then make slides. *Opción creativa

2. Makenna got a phone! And signal! Now she’s been blowing up Instagram with all the events of her life. Create 3 images from Makenna’s Instagram feed. You need at 10 captions/comments total. (use Prezi or PowerPoint, OR make a real Instagram account specifically for this)

You can do 3 images from the story OR 2 images could be from the story & 1 could be after the end of the book (what do you think will happen next for her?). *Opción MÁS creativa

3. 3 Crucial Scenes: Write 10 sentences total explaining why they are important. You can break the lines up under each image or do one long paragraph. *Opción MENOS creativa, muy directa (Present using Prezi or PowerPoint)

***Puedes trabajar con un(a) compañero(a), si quieres.