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Rhyming words with word families

We will use smartboard interactive game Down y the Bay to learn rhyming words.
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Students will be able to identify poems that have rhyming words using word families and rhyming patterns.

Students will be able to create their own poem using word families and rhyming words.

English Language Arts
Grades K – 1
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1 Activator: intro to Down by the bayhttps

Introduce poetry by using the video Down by  the bay.

Emphasize the ending sounds. duck , truck goat, boat, mouse, house, frog, log, bee, tea, fox,socks.

At 2:17 show all the images for the rhymes. Ask who can remember a rhyme?

At end of video it asks what rhyme did you like the best?


Student Instructions

Today we are going to learn that poetry uses rhyming words to describe an idea.

Rhyming words have the same ending sound. 

Duck, truck,goat, boat, mouse, house,frog log,bee tea, fox, socks.

Who can remember a rhyme from the video song?

2 Clothesline Spelling

Activity: Exploring

Using the Smartboard exchange lesson Clothesline Spelling. This activity allows the students to spell  rhyming words using word families.

Using the page with 5 clothes pins the teacher will hang up the letters which form a word family. do this twice. For example: an, ap, at,.

Then the students will choose a letter to make two rhyming words.

The file can be found in smart board folder the title is clothesline spelling.

Student Instructions
  • We have learned rhyming words. A rhyming word has the same ending sound.
  • Duck, truck,bee,tea, boat and goat.
  • Today we will use the clothesline to make rhymes.
  • On the clothesline you see a word family; at, ap.
  • You will add a letter to the word families to make rhyming words.
  • For example: hat,mat.

3 Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Students will use a chart to determine which words/icons make rhymes.

Out of a field of 3 students will be able to recognize and glue on chart 2 rhyming words.This will continue for 4 pairs of rhyming words.

Student Instructions
  • In front of you there is a chart with an A T..
  • You will be given 3 pictures. Two of the pictures rhyme.
  • You need to decide which two rhyme and paste them onto the chart.