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Revolution Has Begun! A Class Newspaper and Presentation Lesson

Students create an "artifact" from 1789. A newspaper publication
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Students will be able to...

Students will report, edit, and publish their class Newspaper of France in 1789.  They will title it and write articles correlated to their studies of the French Revolution.

English Language Arts
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Grades 7 – 12
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1 Engage

Teacher explains the lesson and shows examples of historical newspapers. Teacher teaches sections of a newspaper and explains that students will create their own paper related to the French Revolution.  Teacher checks for understanding, monitors and adjusts students, and leads discussion about the pages and stories the reporters will cover.


Student Instructions

Students research their story pertaining to the French Revolution.  Students write a rough draft of their story and type their final draft using the newspaper template.

2 Explore

Monitor and adjust. Work with the special education teacher to give students with IEPs extra assistance and time to complete assignment.

If students are unfamiliar with Cornell notes, teacher will need to explain notetaking process.

Student Instructions

Students research and take Cornell notes(They have using Cornell notes all year) on their topic.


3 Explain

Teacher teaches a lesson on journalism, giving credit to sources, or using anonymous sources.  Why would a source wish to be anonymous? Teacher explains elements of a credible news story and discussing possible bias in journalism.  What is the reporter’s agenda depending upon whether they were an aristocrat or peasant, Jacobin or loyalist of Louis the 16th, Man or woman, etc.


Student Instructions

Students interview each other and quote each other as though they were actually living during the French Revolution.  Students complete writing of their article.  Students answer, “ Who? What? When? Why? and How?” in their news stories.

4 Elaorate

Activity: Presenting

Teach explains that students will be presenting their news story to the class. Students in the audience may ask questions or comment.

Student Instructions

Students will either be presenting their news story or participating as an active and engaged audience member.

5 Evaluate

Google Classroom, Canvas, Moodle, or another private(students, parent, teacher, administrator(s) only) online  page which allows students to comment on uploaded final newspaper.

Student Instructions

Teacher will upload the class newspaper to the PRIVATE class website: Google classroom, Canvas, or Moodle. Parents can view finished product and students can comment and reflect upon the assignment.