Lesson Plan

Review for Algebra sol

create an sol practice
Rosella F.
Classroom teacher
Douglass School
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Students will be able to...

Practice sol skills such as

>translating an expression

>solving for a variable

>recognizing graphs

using multiple choice and then being tested paper pencil to show work

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Intro to use of kahoot and practice 1

Free, Paid

The teacher will choose one short (10 question) multi[le choice algebra sol review Kahoot. She will practice one round with the students. The next kahoot is for the students to be able to answer as per the example. After working through 1-2 kahoots the students will take a paper /pencil test to show their work.


Student Instructions

Students will

>follow the first practice kahoot

>practice with the next two kahoots

>work through paper/pencil test



2 Student created practice

Free, Paid

Students will work with the teacher to create a review for tests and sol to be used with kahoot.

Students will create their own kahoot

Student Instructions

Students will create kahoot with the teacher and eventually on their own.