Lesson Plan

Respiratory System

Students will explore the structure and function of the respiratory system and research a disease or disorder of the respiratory system.
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Students will be able to...

- Describe how the lungs use pressure differences to help humans breathe.

- Identify the structures and describe the function of each primary and accessory organ in the respiratory system.

- Create a digital mindmap or infograph to present research on a respiratory system disease or disorder.

Grades 11
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1 Hook

Demonstrate how the lung model is made.  Make sure to walk around to groups to help if they are struggling with making the holes in their cups.

Have the students start playing with the model and make observations about what happens to the balloons inside then they pull and push on the big balloon on the outside. 

This model can also be used to explain Boyle's Law.

Student Instructions

Students will create a model of the lungs using a cup, straws, balloons and rubber bands to simulate inhaling and exhaling.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Notes and diagram of how the lungs inhale and exhale.  Identify structures and functions of respiratory system.  Students are given a drawing of the upper body where they will label structures and describe the functions as the instructor labels them on the board. 

Student Instructions

Complete the diagram and take notes over teacher presentation.


3 Exploration

Walk around and monitor students progress and answer questions as students complete the webquest on their Chromebooks.

Discuss answers to questions after all students have submitted.

Student Instructions

Complete Webquest using Chromebooks.  

4 Extension

Have students complete on their Chromebook then submit through Google classroom so other students can view and comment.

Student Instructions

Students will create an infograph or mind map using their Chromebook over a respiratory system disease ro disorder to present to their class.  Students should be able to summarize their findings, display the information in a visual report and describe the structures of the respiratory system that are affected.  Use one of the links listed to create your digital graphic organizer.  Students need to include the following in their presentation:

-Description of disease or disorder


-Method of Diagnosis


-Side affect of treatments