Lesson Plan

Respecting Everyone

Respect means showing consideration towards other people, their feelings and belongings, and expecting them to behave in the same manner towards you
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Students will be able to identify and articulate respectful actions and behaviors.

Students will understand being respectful is just as important online as it is in real life.

Students wiill be able to ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

Students will be able to restate/retell and ask questions about the topic, problem or question

with guidance.

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Mini-Lesson

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Read excerpts from the book,Respect by Lucia Raatma or create a customized version of the ideas using www.storybird.com.

Student Instructions

Elicit understandings that being respectful means to be mindful of other people’s feelings, space, and belongings and to expect them to show the same mindfulness towards you.

2 Guided

Activity: Exploring

How do we show respectful behavior? Pass out copies of the book or have students look at the storybird.com book on a computer. (T-chart graphic organizer: On the left, scenario written out for student and on the right, respectful behavior)

Student Instructions

Model for students how to answer this question with a scenario listed on the left and a behavior on the other side with words and pictures.

For Example:Someone is talking=Listening well. Do another example, if needed.

3 Independent

Activity: Investigating

Your teacher is giving directions=Listen well and follow the rules. You are at a friend’s house and want to play with their new computer game=ask your friend if you can use the game before doing so. Treat the game with care.

Someone is looking up a book or website on the computer and you are curious about what it is=ask the person what they are looking for without leaning over his/her shoulder to see. He/she will tell you if he/she wants you to know.

A classmate is making fun of another classmate because of the game he/she is playing (saying it’s too babyish)=tell the classmate who is teasing to stop or tell a teacher or other adult what is happening.

Student Instructions

Students work independently or in groups to finish the graphic organizer with the following scenarios listed on the left; their examples of respectful behavior on the right: Someone is using the computer for school and you really want to use it=Be patient and wait to use it after he/she is finished.

4 Assessment / Sharing

Activity: Assessing

Complete this graphic organizer

Student Instructions

Students share out their responses to compare with one another. Discuss.

Capture the class responses on chart paper or a whiteboard.