Lesson Plan

Research and Presentation on Animals

Research, thinking map, and presentation
Jennifer O.
Media specialist/librarian
Youens Elementary School
Houston, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, English-Language Learning

Students will be able to conduct research on an animal from a habitat that they are learning about.  They will use library databases to research the animal.  Then they will put what they know into Popplet Lite to organize their thinking.  Then they will present what they learned with a classmate using Chatterpix.

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 5
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1 Hook/Attention getter

Teacher will show ChatterPix Kids and ask students to brainstorm a list of ways they could use it for school.

Student Instructions

Students will watch video on Chatterpix Kids and brainstorm a list of ways they could use it in the classroom.

2 Direct Instructions

In this step I will introduce the students to PebbleGo.  They have been learning about tropical rainforest habitats.  They will provide me with a list of animals and they will choose one with a partner that they want to learn more about.  Then I will model for them how to use PebbleGo and take notes on an animal.

Student Instructions

Students will follow along with teacher on PebbleGo.  They will choose a partner and start taking notes.

3 Guided Practice

After taking notes I will show students how to use Popplet Lite on iPad to organize notes and thinking.

Student Instructions

Students will work with partner to organize notes in Popplet Lite.

4 Independent Practice

I will model how to use ChatterPix Kids and show them how to take my thinking map and voice it in ChatterPix.

Student Instructions

Students will work with partner to create ChatterPix on their chosen animal.

5 Wrap-up

I will watch as students present Chatterpix on Promethean board using adapter.  I will model using positive language feedback.

Student Instructions

Students will present projects together.  They will discuss orally what they learned from project.