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Research a subject and present findings

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My Grades 2, 5
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Students will be able to...

  • Analyze the explicit meaning of a text.
  • Examine text and draw inferences from a given text.
  • Accurately cite several pieces of textual evidence by stating page number or line number to support analysis of explicit meaning of the text and inferences drawn from the text.
  • Comprehend texts by thinking about, talking about and responding to what I read.
  • Read and comprehend literary nonfiction with increasing text complexity and proficiency.
  • Read closer to the high end of the Lexile score (925-1185 with scaffolding)
  • Conduct short research projects to answer a question.
  • Use information from several sources.
English Language Arts
Grades 5
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1 Hook/Anticipatory Set:

Activity: Presenting

Teacher call students’ attention to the fact that S. E. Hinton used her initials rather than her full name because she thought some readers might not choose to read the book if they thought the author was female. The Outsiders was written by a female author, but told from a teenage boy’s point of view. The novel for this nine weeks is about a girl and her friends. Do you think it is important to read stories from both the male and female point of view? Why or why not? (Three-minute quick write–Teacher collect the free writes and choose several to share with the class to get students’ feedback.)

2 Modeling Procedures:

Activity: Exploring

Teacher will explain the directions/ expectations for group work and will model how she/he uses the Internet to search for important facts about a specific author or topic–for example, J. K. Rowling. Teacher will demonstrate how she/he uses specific word choices in the search box while researching a specific author. (This is also an opportunity to explain the difference between reliable and non-reliable sites for research information.) Teacher will also facilitate a discussion around what types of questions students should look to answer as they research the life and work of Sandra Cisneros. For example, how did her early life affect what she chose to write about, or what are some of the major themes in her work? The teacher and students will compile a list of the research questions to be asked and answered.

3 Review Strategy

Activity: Conversing

The teacher will remind students that their previous extended text (The Outsiders) dealt with the theme of identity and that this novel will allow readers to explore the same theme but from a female perspective and from the perspective of someone from a different culture. (“What Is Identity?” is attached.)

4 Independent/Individual Practice through High-Impact Centers/ Groups

Activity: Investigating

The teacher will call upon each group to present their findings. Each group will use chart paper or their laptops to note the key facts found for each topic. Students may prepare a PowerPoint presentation or list key facts on the chart paper. Each member of the group should participate in the presentation.

Student Instructions

The students will rotate through the following centers as they research the three assigned topics as noted below–or students may be assigned to one of the centers in order to allow more time for a fully developed presentation on each topic.