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Renewable energy

Students research and design an energy independent house
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Students will be able to...

Compare and contrast renewable and nonrenwable energy sources

Describe renewable energy systems that could be used in a off the grid home

Design an off the grid house with at least 3 renewable energy systems

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Attention Getter

Show video and direct discussion towards off grid energy technologies.

Student Instructions

Discussion in groups or as a class.

What is living off the grid?

What are some ways you can live off the grid but still have electricity?

2 Direct instruction

Quick powerpoint including some short videos and interactive activities such as the PHET simulation.

Class discussion and questions throughout the presentation

3 Independent practice

Activity: Creating

Walk the classroom answering questions and providing input where necessary

Student Instructions

Pick a biome and design an off the grid house using at least 3 renewable energy sources.  Explain why you chose the ones you did.