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Reinventing the writing process

Students use digital tools to plan, write, revise and edit their writing, while also collaborating and peer reviewing their pieces utilizing a rubric.
Miranda S.
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My Grades 3, 4
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Students will be able to... write a narrative text utilizing a rubric to assess and review their work.

Students will be able to...engage in peer reviews of thei writing utilizing a rubric.

Students will be able to... revise, edit and publish their writing.


English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Brainstorming


Students begin by brainstorming for the writing of a personal narrative. Students will be encouraged to identify a beggining, middle and end to their story and use poplet to document their thinking.

2 Draft writing



Once students have created the shell of their story and feel ready to begin writing they will review the grade level rubric for narrative writing and begin their first draft.


3 Peer review

Once a first draft is completed, students will work in pairs to read each other's writing. After reading, students use a copy of the rubric to provide oral feedback on their writing and choose and area of focus for revision. This feedback can be reviewed by the teacher to monitor degree of understanding of the rubric and to plan teaching points. Students can the revise and edit their writing until they are ready to publish their writing.

4 Publishing


Students will be able to illustrate and publish their work as well as share it with each other in order to create an iBooks library with the writing of every child in their class.