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RefME - the easy way to create work cited lists

Using technology to help students create a work cited list.
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To expand the student’s knowledge of utilizing online tools to create a work cited sheet for their research project.


English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 6 – 12
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1 Hook Attention Getter

Show first video "Plagiarism Rap." 

Review prerequisites to this point; the project to this point; plagiarism; why we have keep track of our resources (find our resources again; proper credit).

Show Second Video "New Hampton School - Why We Cite Sources" 

Today we are going to utilize an online website that will help us to easily create a list of resources.  This is something you will do for the rest of your time in school


Student Instructions

Students will watch the videos and participate in class discussion about plagiarism, and why people need to keep track of resources,.

2 Direct Instruction

Have students log-into their Google Accounts.

Have students choose a book.

 Have students go to https://app.refme.com

Go to  Explain the page.  Have students link to Google accounts.

Model how to choose which citation form to pick for the project.

Model how to add item and how to fill out the form.  Click submit.

Have student type in the name of their book into the search bar and add it to work cited list.



Student Instructions

Students will log into google accounts.

Access the RefME website.

Link their Google accounts to RefME.


3 Guided Instruction

Guide the students through adding a website to their work cited list.  Go step by step, making sure after each step that the students are at the same point as you.


Student Instructions

Students will follow along step by step as the teacher adds a website to the work cited list of resources.

4 Independent Practice

Teacher will walk around and monitor students as they practice using the resource.

Student Instructions

Have students complete and book and a website by themselves.


5 Wrap-up

Activity: Conversing

Have students print out work cited lists.

Share with class as a review why creating a work cited list is important.


Student Instructions

Students will discuss why creating a work cited list is important.