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Reflection Writing

Learn to express own views.
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Students will be able to write a clear opinion paragraph.

Students will correctly create an in-text reference in their writing.

Social Studies
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Grades 7 – 12
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1 Article of Choice

Using the website, HuffPost Teen, allow students to read an article of their choice.  To help in gathering information a graphic organizer can be used to collect notes.

2 Write Response

Activity: Other — Writing

Using their graphic organizer, students will write a response paragraph that indicated the student's view to the article.  In their writing students should have the correct in-text reference and a clear opinion statement that shows if they agree or disagree with the article. Students should also have a clear example that supports their opinion. This can be a real life anecdote or information they have gathered from another source.  That source should have a proper in-text reference, too.