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REED 625

Literacy Lesson Flow
Christine K.
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Lincolnshire Elementary School
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My Grades K
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Learning

Students will be able to...

  • retell a story
  • use concepts of print
  • match a letter to a sound
  • read familiar words
  • define new vocabulary words
English Language Arts
Grades K
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1 Hook

Teacher will log on to School Tube to show the following video:



Student Instructions

Students will play echo-location.  They will gather in a circle.  The teacher will choose a "bat".  The student who is the "bat", will be given a blindfold.  They will use the word "echo" as they listen to their classmates respond with "location".  They will continue this as the "bat" gets closer to another student.  That student will then become the "bat".

Students will have a class discussion about why we choose that activity.  We will then create a list of things we know about bats before reading.

Next, students will view the video on SchoolTube

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

Teacher will read Stellaluna.  During reading:

  • We will discuss COP such as, the title of the page, the roles of the author and illustrator, with way do we read, what page comes first, types of punctuation.
  • We will discuss letters and letter sounds.  Teacher will call on students who will come up front and choose a letter.  We will "echo" the letter and the letter sound.  A few students will be asked to find the same letter in the classroom.
  • We will "echo" high frequency words/familiar words as we come across them in the text.
  • During the read aloud students will be asked to raise their hands, at any time, to discuss "interesting words we hear".  We will add these words to our web.

After reading:

We will retell bat facts.  Students will be given a Bat Fact sheet, where they can write their bat facts.


Student Instructions

Students will actively engage in read aloud.  Please refer to the teacher instructions.

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will use Epic! in guided reading groups.  Each group will add elements of their guided reading goals.  For instance, during each group, one group may be focusing more on concepts of prints, while other groups, may be focusing on letters and sounds.  Another group may be focusing on fluency.  

Each group wll be given iPad's and earplugs.  Each group will review the book Bats: Backyard Wildlife on Epic!  Although each group is focusing on the text, and will take a quiz for understanding.  We will also integrate other elements such as fluency, phonics, or letter recognition.

Epic! :  https://www.getepic.com/app/read/6796

Using knowledge from the read aloud, teacher will create a quiz on Epic!.  Students will take this quiz.  Each quiz will be differentiated for each group.  This will check for understanding.  It will also allow students the opportunity to ask and answer questions for clarification.

Student Instructions

See teacher instructions.


4 Independent Practice

Students will  view Magic School Bus Going Batty.  This will give them another opportunity to learn about bats.

After watching the video, students will be given a multiple choice quiz with picture clues.  They will listen to the questions, read by the teacher.  They will circle the best answer for each question.


Student Instructions

See teacher instructions.

5 Wrap-Up

Students will be given the opportunity to use Little Story Makers app on the iPad for the remainder of the month.  While in centers, students may use the iPad to take a tour around the classroom.  They can take pictures of bat texts, use vocabulary terms about bats, or bat facts from the posters displayed in the classroom.  The pictures taken will create a page for the book they make with Little Story Maker.  They can type in text for each page, or add audio to any page.  Students will be with two or three partners while at centers daily.  Throughout the month, students will have opportunities to create a book.  At the end of the month, we can view each groups book.

During writing, we will use our bat facts and write an informative piece.  We will write about what bats can...have...are...

If time permits, we will play a game.  We will turn off the lights.  A student will become the bat and where a blindfold.  Some students will clap as the bat gets closer to them.  They will be the object.  There will be two other students in the classroom who become the moths.  Those students will use two plastic spoons to tap, as the bat becomes closer.  We will take turns playing this game.  This is similar to the introduction activity, but with further knowledge, we have included the element of at night and insects.

Student Instructions

See teacher instructions.