Lesson Plan

Redesigning the School Map

STEM Design Principles-creating an authentic product
Donna S.
Classroom teacher
Bayshore Middle School
Leonardo, United States
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Students will be able to...

Utilize the engineering design process to develop multiple solutions to the assigned problems (creating a building map).

Design and produce a scaled map of using Google draw, Microsoft Word or Lucid Chart.

Evaluate and peer edit.  Revise and edit product based on peer comments.

Create a reflection document to include some of the following topics: steps to redesign, tools selected, issues encountered and how they were overcome, what was difficult and how you overcame the issues, how can you use the skills used creating this project in other classes.

Essential Questions:  What are the steps in a successful information problem-solving process?  What is the best way to complete this task?

Enduring Understanding:  Selection of technology should be based on personal and /or career needs assessment. (Standard 8.1)



English Language Arts
Grades 7
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1 Hook

Activity: Investigating

Walk the building with your students-have them sketch the layout of the building.  If there is a copy of the building map distribute it to the students so they can figure out the accuracy and scale of that map.

2 Independent Practice

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Have students experiment with drawing features and functions in Lucid Charts, Word, and Google Drawing. Have students make a chart listing the pros and cons of each.  Class discussion on the pros and cons.

Have students use this document 



Student Instructions

Choose a tool to use to design your map.  Use this document as well as a Google Doc to create your map.  Write a paragraph about which tool you will use and why you picked that tool.



3 Wrap up

Activity: Assessing

Have students lay out their final products.  Give each student a rubric to assess the map.  Based on the criterian have students vote for the map they believe best shows the design of the school.  After the final map is chosen, debrief the activity.


Rubric:  http://tinyurl.com/pbcndl5


4 Preplanning

Activity: Other — Pre-planning

1. This is an entire unit that will take approximately 2 – 3 weeks.   Collect a copy of the current school map and make copies for all the students to use. 

2. Walk the building to see what should be labeled-what is not currently on the school map. 

3.  Experiment with drawing on Google Drawing-Lucid charts, Microsoft Word to know the pros and cons of each

4.  Find a compass app for your phone or an actually compass to use when walking the building with the students-they will need to put a compass rose on their map.